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Six Month Smiles ® is the ideal solution, if you need braces but never wanted to wear them because of their appearance, these transparent braces or aligners are convenient, comfortable and secure, so you can achieve an awesome smile!

 Best Care Dental has a long tradition of smile enhancement. We tailor Six Month Smiles ® aligners or braces to suit your unique needs to comfortably and discretely straighten your teeth. Here’s all what you need to know about the Six Month Smiles ® treatment.

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What Is Six Month Smiles®?

Modern dental rehabilitation concentrating on six top and/or bottom teeth within Six Month.  The aligners will re-align teeth, fix gaps and correct some underbites and overbites. Six Month Smiles ® operates in the similar way as regular braces, but with certain main variations. Compared to conventional braces using silver wires and brackets, Six month Smiles ® transparent braces are more invisible & cosmetic. Aligners with Six Month Smiles ® are removable and convenient. They work in the same way as a memory foam, because they mould in a comfortable way to your teeth

How Does Six Month Smiles® Functions?

In just 6 months!! … there are two methods of achieving the results you want.

1.Clear Aligners

The transparent aligners of six-month smile are focused on state-of-the-art 3D technology.
Dr. Kirolos, as well as the Six Month Smiles ® Lab, will work closely with you to picture what your teeth to appear after your treatment is done. A collection of aligners will be built, which will gradually shift your teeth into the desired location. When you complete the last set of aligners, the teeth will be straight.

Clear Aligner
clear braces

2.Clear Braces

Dr. Kirolos will analyze the situation and talk about the choices. Six Month Smiles ® clear braces are recommended if you have a more complicated alignment problem. The brackets and wires are either transparent or polished so that they are highly discreet. Dental braces are the best way to safely shift teeth with complex alignment.

How long is it going to take?

The time required to straighten and enhance your smile is six months average. In six months, most patients end their treatment, but the therapy can be 4 to 9 months based on the case complexity. We will discuss this with you throughout your appointment.


Is Six Month Smiles ® appropriate for everybody?

Six Month Smiles ® is appropriate for adult patients, generally over 16 years old with adult dentition. Six Month Smiles ® will correct a significant number of orthodontic problems. Not everybody, however, will be an appropriate patient. Since it may not be the right way to deal with more complex issues. That’s why contact and consult is the right thing to do. Dr. Kirolos will evaluate the teeth condition and give her decision on the best possible treatment.

Six Month Smiles ® is not appropriate for children, only for patients with fully grown teeth.

Call us now for the Six Month Smile ®

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